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Man of Action


When you think of sports, you think of activity. When you think of activity, is there anything more intense than football? The answer to that question may be up for debate, but football certainly ranks toward the top of the list.

Fargo North’s Adam Hummel brings a sense of action to the football field that few players in the Fargo-Moorhead area can rival. It is this action that defines the type of leader he is, whether he’s carrying the ball on offense or stepping in the hole to make a big tackle on defense.

“Adam is an extremely dedicated football player. He is a young man of few words but provides leadership with his actions. He can and will do everything that is asked of him,” says Fargo North head coach Adam Roland.

For Hummel, the dedication rises from a desire to take advantage of the pivotal moments in each game.

“I love competing, being in the big moments, and doing my best in those moments,” says Hummel, an all-conference performer in 2015.

Hummel feels the Spartans are well-equipped to keep games close on the defensive side.

“We’re a great defensive team,” says Hummel. “We can make plays and force fumbles. We’re a grind-out kind of team on defense.”

Fargo North also returns a wealth of skill players on offense, including Hummel, making them a team that could make great strides after a 2-7 season in 2015.

“We have work to do and our guys are willing to do it,” says Roland. “We have all the confidence that we will be an improved football team.”

Additionally, Hummel realizes the spotlight is even bigger as he takes the field in his final season. For a person who puts more emphasis on action than words, he also understands the importance of setting an example verbally when necessary.

“I’m a senior now, so I have a lot more guys looking at me,” says Hummel. “You have to be vocal and set examples for other players and be an all-around great person.”

Improvement starts with action. And for the Spartans, there’s no more experienced, talented and proven man of action to execute the game plan than Adam Hummel.

Coaches Comments:
Our guys have dedicated themselves and worked hard this offseason. They have made a commitment to each other and to the improvement of Spartan football. We have a solid group of skill players returning. Our offensive line will be inexperienced but ready to play. Guys are stepping up to own spots on the OL and are gaining confidence in their ability. We have work to do and our guys are willing to do it. We have all the confidence that we will be an improved football team.